For the planet, for us humans - A future for the elephants

Elephants have lived on Earth for 10 million years. The largest land creatures are irreplaceable for ecosystems, biodiversity and climate balance in Africa and Asia. Today, they also play an essential role for tourism and thus also contribute to the economic development of their home countries.

The gray giants fascinate with their high intelligence and their diverse social life.
The greed for ivory has led to an industrial slaughter of the pachyderms. While there were still 1.3 million elephants in Africa in the 1970s, their numbers have now fallen to around 400.000, mainly due to poaching. In Asia, there are only about 45.000 wild elephants left in scattered groups.

The rapid shrinkage of many wild areas, drought and the urbanization of old migration routes for the animals are increasingly leading to human-elephant conflicts.

Our goal is to protect and conserve elephants and their habitats worldwide in cooperation with "Boots on the Ground" projects on the ground.




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