Activities for children

Collection of donations: raffle, cake sale, donation race

talking to many people about the plight of the elephants (friends, family and classmates)

staying away from circuses that have elephants and other wild animals

no riding on elephants whatsoever  - even if this is offered in some tourist destinations. All other tricks, performances or so-called elephant artists are linked to cruel and punishment-based training methods. Also the cuddling with elephant babies is unethical and a complete no-go.  For these activities  elephant babies are stolen from their mothers, which is a tragedy for the extremely family-orientated pachyderms.

Instead, there is a variety of fascinating ethical projects that families can visit in their holiday destinations. In these projects,  elephants are allowed to live like elephants normally would , and visitors are able to observe the elephants and their behaviour in different situations. (e.g. Elephant Nature Park, Thailand)

Do you have contacts at schools or kindergartens?

We help to organise workshops in kindergartens, schools and youth clubs and-  recreation centres

Presentation of facts and figures about elephants

Looking at films and photographs of elephants, discussing their features, way of life and living conditions in captivity and the wild

Elephant and wildlife quiz

Raffle: adoption certificate for a baby elephant in Zimbabwe

We have summarized a lot of interesting information about the lovable pachyderms in two presentations, which you can download HERE!