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Germany, Stop the Import of Hunting Trophies of Protected Animals

To the Ministry of Environment of Namibia: No hunt for desert elephants in Namibia!!üstenelefanten-in-namibia-2

We support petitions from other organizations that are against trophy hunting

Demand from the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos regarding the current development in Botswana:

Petition from Born Free:

Global campaign calling CITES to close loopholes for hunters and to stop killing animals of endangered species:

No more hunting for the critically endangered polar bears:

The sporting goods manufacturer Under Armor also earns its money with trophy hunting. Boycott Under Armor!

Petition to ban the import of all hunting trophies to the UK:

No more imports of lion trophies to the UK:

Demand to the President of South Africa to ban trophy hunting:

Petition to ban the import of elephant trophies to the US:

On the occasion of the development in Botswana:

Letter from the Humane Society International to the Government of Botswana not to lift the hunting ban that has applied since 2014:

Petition to the Parliament in Botswana and Embassy of Botswana in Washintton D.C .:

Botswana: DO NOT legalize elephant hunting!

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